The Importance of Software Architecture Styles

An architectural style is a general, reusable solution to a commonly occurring problem in software architecture within a given context.

You must have heard the phrase “Don’t reinvent the wheel”. In this context, don’t waste time in coming up with your own solution architecture, instead you can focus on development by using the architecture styles which suits your business need. These architectures are proven and matured over time with help on industry experts

Some benefits of architecture styles:

  • Makes your solution flexible and extendible, usable on the long term.
  • Make it possible to adapt to new requirements.

Before i talk more about the architecture styles, let’s first understand what is software architecture and the importance of it.

What is Software Architecture?

Software architecture is a high level structure or blueprint which describes relations among different components used in the final solution. Which make easy the software understanding and development.

Irrespective of software development process(Agile, Waterfall) you choose, it’s recommended to decide the structure for your solution before writing a single line of code. Because changing the structure is very costly once implemented

These are the popular architecture styles:

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